Crohn's & Colitis Ethiopia

About Us

Crohn’s & Colitis is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in January 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is the first of its kind in Ethiopia to work on improving the quality of life of patients living with IBD by addressing several bottlenecks identified as gaps that should be addressed for patients to lead a pain-free and everyday life.

We envision a world where IBD can have a cure and we are on a mission to improve the life of patients living with IBD in Ethiopia.

We focus on creating an empowered community of IBD patients and caregivers, advocating for and supporting IBD research in Ethiopia, and capacity building of health care providers. Our initiatives aim to bring about patients & caregivers taking a proactive role in their health care and being self-advocates. In addition, we thrive on creating a standard treatment for IBD in Ethiopia, whereby all healthcare providers have all the tools to make an evidence-based decision.


IBD Community

Our community is comprised of patients and caregivers. It is a safe space for sharing, learning, and asking anything and everything about IBD in Ethiopia.

While our community is purely virtual, we had initiated in-person consultation with nutritionists right before the pandemic. It will be resumed and communicated via all our social media channels and newsletter. Do you or someone you know would like to know more about this initiative? Share our social media channels and sign up for our newsletter!


Research & Advocacy

Evidence is the backbone of advocacy. Did you know there are scare resources when it comes to IBD in Ethiopia?

Our team is working tirelessly to make sure Ethiopia gets its spot in IBD research. We have identified one gap in quality healthcare delivery in IBD in Ethiopia is the lack of evidence among the medical community. If this is an area that interests you, we would love to hear from you!


Working with Healthcare Providers

In addition to using our research data for advocacy, we have been and will continue to actively engage the team caring for IBD patients in Ethiopia.

The pandemic has created an opportunity for us to reach a wider audience via webinars. Utilizing this platform, our executive director has been engaging in various local and international conferences to speak about IBD in Ethiopia, raise awareness and let HCP know that there is a community ready to help patients. If you would like to review our past conferences and events, check out our news & events page.


Medical Campaigns

Medical campaigns aims to empower patients on skills needed to take charge of their health. We believe that a patient visits a doctor’s office a couple of times a year but spends the majority of that year away from health facilities which calls the need to equip patients and their families with the necessary tools and knoweledge to self care.

Our focus areas in the medical campaigns are nutrition, mental health, and screening for high-risk individuals. 

Our Team

Meet the brains behind Crohn’s & Colitis Ethiopia

Fasika Shimeles Teferra, M.D.

Co-founder & CEO

Mahder Ayalew, RN

Director of Patient Support

Natnael Seifu Eshete

Mental Health Professional

Yeabsira Taye

Social Media Manager